Smart dren programs

Edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (Cellulitis)

This treatment is basically oriented to improving micro-circulating body conditions through the mobilization of adipose tissue with the Vacuum-Dermo-Mobilization (VDM) and lymphatic drainage.

General and localizad adiposity

The aim of this treatment is to reduce the volume of deeply localized adipose tissue. The application of Vaccum-Dermo-Mobilization in continuous mode is the most effective option to address this problem.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are atrophic skin wounds due to the transformation of elastic tissue into a fibrous scar. Treatment is based on skin toning, drainage and micromassage through ultrasound and drainage.

Post cosmetic surgery

This program is applied after a surgery with the purpose of accelerating rehabilitation, eliminating edema, stimulating skin toning and flexibilization, and preventing pathologic scarring.