detoxifying and revitalizing

Ionozon Bath

Purify your skin, free your body of toxins. Indulge in a delicious sensation of well-being while recovering muscle tone.

Algae Bath

Experience the purity of the sea in body baths while providing your skin with minerals, proteins and vitamins. This program has been specially tailored to meet your skin's needs, moisturizing it, stimulating circulation and eliminating toxins, providing the skin with a fresh, smooth and soft texture.

Thermal Fango Bath

The soft texture of thermal fango (mud) combines with advanced technology to offer you health and beauty, respecting nature’s balance. Extracted from the earth’s upper layers, thermal mud heals your skin, contributing with great variety of minerals and oligoelements.

Argille Marine

Extracted directly from the river sediments, this product abounds in oligoelements and is enriched with essential oils and Kawakawa extract. It enhances body circulation and provides a pleasant relaxing sensation.

Llao Llao experience

The benefits of chocolate and its exotic scent, combined in an exclusive four-hand massage, hydrotherapy and facial moisturization create a unique moment for you.